How Michael Dell Played The Overall Game And Saved His Company From The Brink

The first reports broke over five years back: Michael Dell was likely to take his eponymous technology company off the public market.

The news headlines came after an especially bad year for Dell. Revenue in 2012 was down 7 percent yr over year, and profits had been tumbling. As Dell’s SEC filing from that time notes, Windows 8 Computer sales weren’t taking off quite the way that Microsoft or its components companions had hoped to find from the supposedly next-generation OS, and components sales were flagging. Units just like the jack-of-all-trades XPS 14 failed to appeal to anybody audience, and products just like the House windows RT-powered XPS 10 never came close to presenting Dell the sort of success that’s appreciated by the iPad that it had been so clearly wishing to emulate. It was becoming clear that improvements had to be made if Dell was going to survive.

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